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7M Plus Immune Support 60 Capsby Organixx

7M Plus Immune Support 60 Caps
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  • Potent Fermented Mushroom Blend
  • Strong Immune System Support
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Helps Boost Energy
  • Promotes Clear Skin
  • Supports Gut Health
  • GMO Free

7M Plus Immune Support 60 Caps

7M+ Active Immune Support by Epigenetics Labís is the most potent beneficial mushroom supplement on the planet.

7M+ supplies an incredible combination of Fermented Mushrooms, plus a blend of bioavailable fermented botanicals, that act in powerful synergy to offer strong immune system support and a wide range of healing properties.

For centuries, the Japanese have understood the unsurpassed benefits of certain mushrooms. Japanese and other Asian cultures have cooked, made tea and other elixirs for their gut health, immunity, longevity, and more.

7M+ is a cutting edge formula, specifically designed to unleashed the power of beneficial mushrooms like never before. Containing high levels of antioxidants and anthocyanins, 7M+ may help boost energy levels, maintain health blood pressure, boost liver function, promote clear skin, support digestion and gut health and help enhance the immune system.

7M+ Active Immune Support Contains No yeast, soy protein, sodium, starch, artificial colouring, preservatives, or flavouring and is GMO Free.

Additional Information:

Fermented Mushroom Blend: Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom, Organic Chaga Mushroom, Organic Shiitake Mushroom, Organic Cordyceps Mushroom, Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom, Organic Reishi Mushroom - Grown on Sprouted Fermented Cultiv8ô Blend (Organic Purple Maize, Organic Chia, Organic Flax, Organic Black Quinoa, Organic Red Quinoa, Organic Canihua, Organic Purple Rice, Organic Black Cumin Seed)

Fermented Kelp Blend: Organic Sprouted Purple Maize, Turkey Tail Mushroom, Organic Kelp

Carbonic Organic Acid Blend: Humic Acid, Fumic Acid

Plant Cellulose Capsule.

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