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Body Ecology Assist SI Small Intestine 90 Capsby Body Ecology

Body Ecology Assist SI Small Intestine 90 Caps
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  • Powerful Pancreatic Enzyme
  • Help Maximise Nutrient Absorption
  • Detoxifies and Tones the Small Intestine
  • Promotes Regular Bowel Function
  • Helps Maintain Healthy Intestinal Microflora

Body Ecology Assist SI Small Intestine 90 Caps
Special Offer!    £34.99  £32.99 

Assist SI is a super powerful pancreatic enzyme supplement designed to protect and enhance the function of the small intestine.

Assist SI turns the small intestine into a digestive machine, maximising the absorption of proteins, carbohydrates and fats while detoxifying and toning the small intestine.

Assist SI not only promotes the optimal digestion of vital nutrients in your small intestine, but will also assist with the digestion of milk proteins in dairy foods, promote regular bowel function and elimination of toxins and also maintain a healthy balance of intestinal microflora (beneficial bacteria).

Assist SI may be beneficial for anyone with celiac disease, autoimmune diseases, food allergies, weight problems, immune deficiencies, cardiovascular issues, blood sugar irregularity, fibrosis, acne and skin disorders, candida, bad bacteria, and parasites.

Additional Information:

Body Ecology
Serving Size 1 Capsule (500mg)
Proprietary Enzyme Blend 500mg
Pancreatin 8X USP
Protease 80,000 USP
Amylase 80,000 USP
Lipase 18,000 USP
Alpha Galactosidase 150 GALU
Papain 12,000 TU
Bromelain 150 GDU
Lipase (alkaline) 50 FIP
Lipase (acid) 500 FIP
Trypsin 150 USP
Chmotrypsin 500 USP
Other ingredients: Rice Extract, Vegetarian Capsule

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