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Dr Mercola's Joint Formula 30 Caps

Dr Mercola's Joint Formula is a potent natural supplement for short and long term joint health.

Dr Mercola's Joint Formula contains 4 all natural ingredients; BiovaFlex Water-Soluble Egg Shell Membrane, Zanthin Natural Astaxanthin, Boswellia and Hyaluronic acid (HA) which support joint mobility, promote flexibility and function, support a wide range of motion, promote a healthy immune response, provide antioxidants that reduce free radicals for healthy joints and provide joints with the building blocks needed to build cartilage for healthy joint function.

Potent Natural Joint Support Formula
4 All Natural Ingredients
Supports Joint Mobility
Promotes Flexibility and Function

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Dr Mercola
Ingredients: BiovaFlex Water-Soluble Egg Shell Membrane 250mg, Zanthin Natural Astaxanthin 2mg, Boswellia 250mg and Hyaluronic acid (HA) 30mg, cellulose, gelatin, haematococcus pluvialis CO2 extract, cornstarch, less than 2.5% of sucrose, silica, ascorbyl palmitate, natural mixed tocopherols, titanium dioxide, stearic acid

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