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High ORAC Probioticby Bioimmersion

High ORAC Probiotic 60 caps
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  • Powerful Probiotic Formula
  • Potent Antioxidant Blend
  • Broad Spectrum Anti-microbial
  • Select Freeze Dried Wild Berries
  • Helps Reduce Inflammation Systemically
  • No Flow Agents or Fillers

High ORAC Probiotic 60 caps
Special Offer!    £34.99  £31.99 

High ORAC Synbiotic Formula is one of the finest probiotic formulas on the market!

High ORAC Synbiotic Formula contains a powerful 25 billion Original Formula Strains of L. Acidophilus and B. longum to protect the body against infectious organisms, counteract and neutralize dietary toxins and help detoxify dietary mycotoxins, enterotoxins, exotoxins and carcinogens.

High ORAC combines the probiotic bacteria with an incredibly potent and antioxidant rich blend of select freeze dried wild berries and fruit extracts including Wild Blueberry extract, Grape and Grape Seed extract, Wild Bilberry, Raspberry and Raspberry Seed extract, Cranberry, Prune & Tart Cherry. High ORAC is a powerful broad spectrum antimicrobial, designed to reduce and calm inflammatory conditions systemically and throughout the gastrointestinal system.

High ORAC contains No fillers, flow agents or excipients.

Additional Information:

High ORAC Synbiotic Contains 25 billion Original Formula Strains of L. Acidophilus and B. longum, plus a pure mix of Wild Blueberry Extract, Grape and Grape Seed Extract, Raspberry and Raspberry seed Extract, Wild Bilberry Extract, Cranberry, Prune and Tart Cherry, and Inulin from Chicory Fiber

Serving size - one vegetarian capsule (500mg) daily

No fillers, flowing agents, excipeints of any kind

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