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Lakanto Golden Monkfruit Sweetener 800gby Saraya

Lakanto Golden Sweetener 800g
 £24.99  £19.99  OUT OF STOCK
  • All Natural Sweetener
  • Zero Calorie, Zero GI
  • One to One Ratio with Sugar
  • Amazing Flavour
  • Great in Baking
  • Perfect for Diabetics & Children
  • Ideal for Weight Loss
  • Won't feed Candida
  • Non GMO
  • No Additives or Flavours

Lakanto Golden Sweetener 800g
Special Offer!    £24.99  £19.99 

Lakanto is an all natural, Zero calorie, Zero glycemic Index sweetener with the delicious rich taste of sugar, but without any of the damaging side effects!

Lakanto has a one-to-one ratio with sugar, so is incredibly easy to measure and has a wonderful flavour similar to brown sugar or molasses.

Lakanto is made from 2 natural ingredients, the sugar alcohol Erythritol, which is naturally found in foods including melons, pears and grapes, plus the highest purity Monkfruit Extract. The sweetness in Monk Fruit comes from natural mogrosides, rather than fructose in most other fruits. Monk Fruit or Luo han guo as it is also known, is rich in antioxidants, naturally anti-inflammatory and has been shown to prevent tooth decay and regulate blood sugar.

Unlike other sugar alcohols including xylitol, sorbitol and malitol, Erythritol has been fermented, so won't cause any gastrointestinal stress like gas or bloating that is often associated with sugar alcohols produced from hydrogenation.

Lakanto is great for diabetics, children, athletes, anyone looking to lose weight, and especially for those with a sweet tooth. Lakanto doesn't feed harmful bacteria, so is perfect for anyone with Candida or other pathogens.

Lakanto is great in baking and cooking, for adding sweetness to healthy cereals and perfect for tea or coffee. Lakanto looks like sugar, smells like sugar, tastes like sugar and bakes like sugar.

Lakanto is GMO Free and contains No Additives or Artificial Flavours.

Additional Information:

Ingredients: Non-GMO erythritol and Monk Fruit extract
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