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Organic Spearmint Leaf Tea 18 Bagsby Buddah Teas

Organic Spearmint Leaf Tea 18 Bags
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  • Organic Spearmint Leaf Tea
  • Helps Manage Inflammation
  • Helps Relieve Nausea
  • Helps with Digestive Issues
  • Unbleached Tea Bags

Organic Spearmint Leaf Tea 18 Bags

Organic Spearmint Leaf Tea by Buddah Teas is packaged in bleach free tea bags so that you can enjoy your tea without the headache of unwanted toxins.
Boost Your Immune System

According to a study published in Flavour and Fragrance Journal, spearmint tea has been found to have antimicrobial properties that may work against a wide variety of pathogenic fungi and bacteria.

Manage Inflammation

In a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, researchers discovered that drinking spearmint tea may help manage inflammation.

The experiment involved 62 randomized participants who were given high-rosmarinic acid spearmint tea twice a day for 16 weeks. By the end of the study, the participants noted that they had reduced pain scores.

Benefit Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Symptoms

Spearmint tea has been demonstrated to have anti-androgen effects against polycystic ovarian syndrome, which helped improve hirsutism (unwanted male-pattern hair growth).

Participants in a study were given the drink twice a day for a month and results indicated that it helped reduce androgen hormones, follicular hair growth and cell turnover time.

Relieve Nausea

The anti-inflammatory compounds of spearmint tea may help calm your stomach if you’re experiencing digestive issues that result in nausea.

Drinking spearmint tea may also help relieve cramping, bloating and other unpleasant gastrointestinal issues.

Improve Memory

The limonene in spearmint tea may help increase neurotransmitter activity, which may result in improved memory and concentration. Drinking a cup before focusing on a task can help you maximize this effect.

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Buddah Teas
Ingredients: Organic Spearmint Leaf
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We use Eco Flow packaging in all of our parcels, Eco Flow, which is made from GM free starch, is 100% biodegradable. Unlike all other loose fills on the market, Eco Flo is compostable (EN13432) and independently proven to offer better all round protection than polystyrene loose fill.


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