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Organic Turmeric Ginger Tea 18 Bagsby Buddah Teas

Organic Turmeric Ginger Tea 18 Bags
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  • Organic Turmeric Ginger TeaTurmeric Ginger Tea Benefits
  • Natural Source of Antioxidants
  • Rich in Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  • Heart Health
  • Promotes Skin Health
  • Aids Digestion
  • Unbleached Tea Bags

Organic Turmeric Ginger Tea 18 Bags

Exemplary flavour is not the only thing youíll find in Organic Turmeric Ginger Tea. These two spices are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Both turmeric and ginger are excellent sources of vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K and B6. They also offer a multitude of minerals, including potassium, magnesium, copper, calcium and manganese. Both of these spices provide a substantial amount of dietary fibre, as well as protein, amino acids, phytosterols and essential fatty acids. Both spices, and turmeric especially, are also known for carrying an abundance of antioxidant elements.

Turmeric and Ginger offer the following benefits:

Protects Heart Health
Numerous studies have found that both the extracts of ginger and turmeric have the power to lower cholesterol levels, primarily LDL cholesterol. LDL is largely responsible for plaque deposition in the arteries and blood vessels, that can increase atherosclerosis and increase oneís risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Improves Cognition
The brain-boosting nature of ginger is well known, and the unique combination of antioxidants present in this tea can help stimulate neural activity, increase focus, and reduce the deposition of beta-amyloid plaque, which can lead to Alzheimerís disease, and dementia. Ginger also offers anti-inflammatory effects on brain tissue, which can reduce oxidative stress in that area.

Analgesic Properties
Curcumin and gingerol, the two most notable active ingredients in this tea, have analgesic properties, meaning that they can relieve pain throughout the body. This is in addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to relieve joint pain and other discomforts in the muscles and tissues of the body.

Prevents Cancer
Turmeric and ginger have both undergone intense scrutiny for their role in cancer prevention. Ginger has been shown to prevent and slow down the progression of multiple types of cancers, particularly those that affect the gastrointestinal system. Curcumin, on the other hand, is a potent antioxidant compound that can reduce oxidative stress and free radical activity throughout the body, which lowers the chances of cellular mutation.

Boosts Immunity
Turmeric ginger tea boasts a number of antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic qualities that make it an excellent immune system aid. If you suffer from weak immunity and seem to come down with a cold all the time, this herbal tea may be your solution. Furthermore, for a cough, colds, and congestion, a combination of these powerful ingredients helps speed up healing and eliminate the underlying infections.

Skin Care
The turmeric in this herbal tea has often been used to treat skin conditions, particularly acne and inflammatory problems like psoriasis and eczema. The gingerol within turmeric ginger tea is also an excellent antibacterial and antioxidant compound that protects the skin from infection, while also stimulating the growth of new cells and preventing signs of aging, such as wrinkles and blemishes.

Aids in Digestion
Ginger possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties that help settle the stomach, reduce nausea, and promote healthy digestion. It can help stimulate peristaltic motion and eliminate cramping and bloating, which can also eliminate symptoms of constipation. Turmeric ginger tea can also help treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis, acid reflux disease, and even stomach ulcers!

Manages Diabetes
The blood sugar-regulating abilities of both ginger and turmeric are well known, so in combination, they are even more effective for managing diabetic symptoms. By keeping glucose and insulin levels balanced, turmeric ginger tea prevents the dangerous spikes and drops in blood sugar that can be disastrous for diabetics or those at high risk of developing diabetes.

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Buddah Teas
Ingredients: Organic Turmeric Root, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Black Pepper
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