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Physiotherm Ergo Vital lby Physiotherm

Physiotherm Ergo Vital l
 £4,990.00  £3,889.00  OUT OF STOCK
  • Finest Quality Infrared Sauna
  • Therapeutic Natural Heat
  • Comfortable Low Air Temperature
  • Constant Infrared Flow
  • Adjustable Intensity
  • Strengthen the Immune System
  • Circulation & Metabolism
  • Helps reduce Stress & Tension
  • Wonderful for Back Pain
  • Great for Skin Conditions
  • Deep Restful Sleep
  • Promotes Detoxification
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Made in Austria
  • Modern Compact Design
  • Austrian Spruce Wood
  • Colour Therapy
  • Fully Electronic Control Unit
  • Integrated MP3 Player

Physiotherm Ergo Vital l
Special Offer!    £4,990.00  £3,889.00 

Physiotherm Infrared Saunas are the finest infrared saunas available, supplying deeply relaxing and therapeutic natural heat, in the comfort of the highest quality cabins.

Physiotherm Infrared saunas operate at a comfortable low air temperature of approx 30C, to apply heat very gently, efficiently and safely. Using patented ceramic lava sand filled heaters, Physiotherm infrared cabins deliver constant infrared flow to the body and adjustable intensity of infrared heat.

Regular use of a Physiotherm Infrared Cabin can help strengthen the immune system, improve circulation and metabolism, reduce stress, tension and soothe back pain, have a positive impact on the treatment of skin conditions, help with recovery from sports and intensive training, promote deep, restful sleep and promote purification and detoxification of the body via intensive sweating and therefore contribute to weight loss.
In addition, a session in the Physiotherm infrared cabin has the same effect as gentle cardiovascular endurance training, with a typical session burning more than 300kcal, without any effort.

Physiotherm infrared saunas are manufactured in Tyrol in Austria and are enjoyed in over 5,600 leading hotels, spas, clinics and therapy centres throughout Europe, including Champneys, Centre Parcs and the Sanctuary Spa in London's Covent Garden.

The Physiotherm Ergo Vital l is a single person cabin, with a modern straight-line design and a spacious interior. Made from the finest Austrian Spruce wood, the Ergo Vital l features a glass door, ergonomically shaped backrest, colour therapy, thermometer, plus a fully electronic control unit with sensitive panel and integrated MP3 player.

Physiotherm Infrared Cabins are very inexpensive to run, costing less than a hairdryer and with their compact design can easily fit into compact spaces in the home with a standard electrical socket.

Dimensions: W 112 x D 80 x H 210 cm
power: 1.380 Watt

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