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Pure Radiance C Powder 120gby Synergy

Pure Radiance C Powder 120g
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  • Organic Wholefood Vitamin C
  • 120mg of Bioavailable Vitamin C
  • No Additives or Fillers
  • Non-Synthetic
  • Non GMO
  • Certified Kosher

Pure Radiance C Powder 120g

Pure Radiance C is an incredible Organic wholefood vitamin C blend.

Pure Radiance C contains a powerful combination of the worlds most concentrated natural sources of vitamin C, providing 120mg of bioavailable Vitamin C per serving from Organic and wildcrafted sources, including Camu Camu Berry, Manioc Root, Acerola Berry, Amla Berry, Buckwheat Berry Sprouts, freeze-dried berry blend: Blueberry, Raspberry, Cranberry, Cherry; Rose Hips Fruit, Lemon Peel and Black Pepper Berry extract.

Pure Radiance C contains no additives, corn, fillers, gluten, or synthetic ascorbic acid. All ingredients are Non GMO and are certified kosher.

Additional Information:

Ingredients: Acerola Berries standardized to 25% natural vitamin C; Wildcrafted Camu Camu Berries (Myrciaria dubia) standardized to 20% natural vitamin C; Manioc Root (Manihot utilissima); Amla Berries (Emblica officinalis) 10:1 concentrate; freeze-dried Buckwheat Berry Sprouts (Fagopyrum esculentum); freeze-dried berry blend: Blueberry, Raspberry, Cranberry, Cherry; Rose Hips Fruit (Rosa canina);Lemon Peel; Bioperine┐ Black Peppercorn (Piper nigrum) standardized to 98% Piperine.

Other naturally occurring bioflavonoids and phytonutrients: Quercetin, Rutin, Hesperidin, Catechins, Anthocyanins, Polyphenols, Ellagic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Tannins, SOD and Coenzymes.

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