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RAW Unpasteurised Organic Goats Yoghurt 1 Pintby Hollypark Organics

RAW Unpasteurised Organic Goat's Yoghurt 1 Pint
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  • RAW Unpasteurised Goats Yoghurt
  • Cultured with Beneficial Bacteria
  • East to digest
  • Nutrient Rich
  • Great in Smoothies and dips!

RAW Unpasteurised Organic Goat's Yoghurt 1 Pint

From our Award Winning RAW Organic Goats Milk comes this outstanding RAW, Unpasteurised Organic Goat’s Yoghurt.

Our RAW Organic Goats Yoghurt is cultured with 5 Strains of beneficial bacteria and is very easy to digest as the culturing process breaks down the lactose and predigests the milk proteins. RAW Goats Yoghurt is a delicious and health promoting superfood, loaded with protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics!

Our RAW Unpasteurised Goats yoghurt is delivered unchilled and without cold packs, as it is incredibly stable and naturally self preserved. We send our RAW Goats yoghurt all over Europe and even to Hong Kong each week, without any problems. The shelf life from manufacture is 3 weeks, but will always last much longer with minimal change in taste.

Additional Information:

Hollypark Organics
Raw Organic Goats Yoghurt is fantastic in fruit smoothies, on salads, in dips and spreads or poured over fresh fruit salad!
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