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Soladey J3X Ionic Toothbrushby Soladey

Soladey J3X Ionic Toothbrush
  • The ionic toothbrush is clinically proven to be more effective at removing plaque.
  • Research has shown the ionic toothbrush to help bleeding gums and gum disease (gingivitis).
  • With the ionic toothbrush, applying friction and abrasive toothpaste is unnecessary.
  • Water (saliva) replaces toothpaste with the ionic brush, avoiding sweeteners and chemicals.
  • Helps bad breath by inhibiting mouth bacteria.
  • Reaches plaque (by circulating ionised saliva) in areas hard to reach by usual cleaning methods.
  • The anti-bacterial effect continues working in the mouth after brushing.
  • Ecological - no electricity or batteries and less water usage.
  • Ideal when taking homeopathic medicines as no toothpaste necessary.
  • Ideal for camping and travel.
  • Ideal for children (the brush head is quite small).
  • Ideal for pets too - no toothpaste or force needed.
  • Your mouth stays cleaner and fresher for longer.

Soladey J3X Ionic Toothbrush

A revolution in oral hygiene - Soladey J3X Ionic Tootbrush.

Imagine if your teeth felt so smooth that you might have just had a session at the dental hygienist. Thatís how this new ionic toothbrush will leave your teeth every day and you donít even need toothpaste to achieve it.

It works in a revolutionary way.

Thereís a light-activated titanium rod, which is a semiconductor, inside the handle. When exposed to light (a plain light bulb, a fluorescent tube or daylight), the rod releases negative ions. The ions blend with your saliva and pull positive ions from the plaque on your teeth, neutralising its acidity.

Once neutralised, the plaque disintegrates - the natural and scientific approach to a cleaner and healthier mouth!

Additional Information:

How to Use

To brush your teeth first moisten the brush and rod (saliva is sufficient outdoors) then brush the teeth lightly but thoroughly; force is not necessary. Itís important to use the brightest light source available and to open your mouth wide so that the light can reach your teeth right at the back. Youíll notice that your saliva foams lightly when the toothbrush is working effectively. If toothpaste is used, it should only be very little.

Clinical studies

Studies show that titanium exposed to a light source has an excellent bactericidal capacity against Streptococcus mutans, a micro-organism found in the mouth that is particularly related to dental caries.

In Japan a clinical report on semiconductor titanium toothbrushes found that dental plaque removal was significant during the early phase of plaque formation and concluded that the brush was effective in the control of plaque.
Another Japanese study concluded that improvements in gingivitis and oral cleanliness can be expected through application of a toothbrush equipped with a titanium semiconductor.
A clinical trial carried out at a University College of Dentistry in Canada showed that the plaque removing ability, especially of the buccal surfaces of all teeth, was better than the control brush without the semiconductor.
The bacterial population in the mouth has a direct impact on the bodyís state of health, in similar way to the intestinal flora. Therefore maintaining clean teeth with an ionic toothbrush is central to a health-conscious lifestyle.
Replaceable brush head

The ionic toothbrush will last a lifetime if used correctly and the rod is kept clean (especially if youíre using toothpaste). The brush heads should be replaced at least every two months, but remember not to throw the handle and rod away!

Replacing the brush

Pull the head and handle apart along the axis. Insert the head into the handle firmly. Do not twist or bend the head and handle during detachment and insertion. Do not undo handle and brush unless the brush needs changing.

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