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Caffeine Free Natural Energy Boosting Tea!!

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If you’re tired, achy, bloated, have a cold, hungover, or looking for a Caffeine Free natural energy boost or Pre-Workout energiser, then a blend of Pau D’arco & Dandelion Tea is a wonderful option! With strong Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal & Anti-Parasitic properties and great for inflammation, Pau D’arco is loaded with antioxidants and is one of… Read more »

Is Your Toothpaste Toxic?

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There is enough fluoride in a regular tube of toothpaste to kill two small children, if they consumed the whole tube at once! This isn’t rocket science, if it kills you in large doses, then small daily doses in your toothpaste are probably not a wise choice. Like most of the toxins and poisons we… Read more »

The Ultimate Hangover Remedy!

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Lets be honest, the best nights out involve a drink or two, or 10! We all love a night out with friends or family, and at the time when you’re having fun, a few more beers, or another large glass of wine seems like such a good idea. Then comes the morning after… Your head… Read more »

Is Your Suncream Doing More Harm Than Good?

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The smell of sun cream always reminds me of great holidays with friends and family, sun, sea, sand, cold beer and colder ice cream! The bottle of sun cream which smells so good, and is meant to protect you from the suns¬†harmful rays, might not be as safe as you think.¬†You may have already read… Read more »

Sugar Babe

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How much sugar are you eating? This is the question I have been asking myself this week! It’s been drilled into us in the past, that fats are the baddies, especially saturated fats. High Sugar Consumption is now becoming more recognised as the biggest problem, not only making us pile on the pounds, but destroying… Read more »