Is Your Toothpaste Toxic?

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FLUORIDE 3There is enough fluoride in a regular tube of toothpaste to kill two small children, if they consumed the whole tube at once!

This isn’t rocket science, if it kills you in large doses, then small daily doses in your toothpaste are probably not a wise choice. Like most of the toxins and poisons we eat, breath or absorb through our skin on a daily basis, the accumulation in your body will catch up with you at some point. Common sense says don’t put it there in the first place!

Throw away your toothpaste, which not only contains the poison fluoride, but more than likely other toxic ingredients including Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and artificial sweeteners. With so many wonderful natural and chemical free brands of toothpaste available, there really is no excuse.FLUORIDE

My current personal favourite toothpaste is Periobrite by Natures Answer  a wonderful dentist formulated natural toothpaste, which contains an incredible blend of Wildcrafted herbs and essential oils, to naturally clean and whiten the teeth, freshen breath and support periodontal wellness. Periobrite is great for sensitive teeth, perfect for the whole family and best of all is free from toxic ingredients.