RAW Avocado Soup

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RAW Avocado Soup takes less than 5 minutes in a blender, is loaded with nutrients including healthy fats, and tastes delicious! 

This soup is dedicated to all the people who have an endless love affair with avocados.

Serves: 1
Equipment you will need: Blender

Ingredients:AVO SOUP
• 2 Medium ripe avocados
• 1 Large carrot (grated)
• 1 Large garlic clove / 2 small cloves (finely chopped)
• 1 Large pinch black pepper
• 1 Pinch Himalayan salt
• 1 Teaspoon RAW Organic Tahini
• 1 Chilli (chopped and without seeds if you prefer it without the spicy kick)
• 0.4 Litres of filtered water

Blend all ingredients together until you have a smooth soup like consistency . You can always add more water if you prefer it less thick.
Serve in a bowl with a drizzle of Organic Olive Oil and enjoy!